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    Tarot Card Reading

    Tarot card reading is a type of cartomancy where practitioners use tarot cards to gain insights into questions, problem-solving, and aspects of the past, present, or future. The process involves formulating a question and then drawing cards to interpret them in order to provide guidance

    Astrology Reading

    “Astrology delves into the relationships among planets, stars, and individual personalities. Utilizing astrology charts aids in deciphering a person’s inherent characteristics. Acquiring the skill to interpret an astrology chart provides valuable insights into one’s inner self and fosters a deeper understanding.

    Numerology Reading

    A numerology reading entails intricate calculations that delve into multiple layers of depth. Different numbers and combinations within these calculations carry diverse meanings, adding complexity to the interpretation process.

    Horary Reading

    Horary astrology is a chart-reading technique that involves answering a question based on the astrological conditions present in an individual’s chart at the moment they pose the question to an astrologer.




    One Question Tarot Reading

    Video tarot reading for one question

    2Hrs-5Days Delivery

    1 question



    Two Question Tarot Reading

    Video tarot reading for two questions

    2Hrs-5 Days Delivery

    2 question



    Three Question Tarot Reading

    Video tarot reading for three questions

    2Hrs-5Days Delivery

    3 questions

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