About Us


We offer digital services with 24/7 availability on the World Wide Web.

This website is owned by ARRAT RUSEL LLC, a New Mexico company with registration number 7238517, verified under the provisions of the Limited Liability Company Act 53-19-1 to 53-19-74 NMSA 1978. All rights reserved.

This website was created by Eiuogram Farm and Technology Ltd.

We offer digital services with 24/7 availability on the World Wide Web.

Eiuogram Farm And Technology Ltd is a registered business certified by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with Company Registration Number: 1787751. Since 2021, our team has successfully understood the growing needs for digital services and has created reliable products to cater to them.

Our business objectives, established in accordance with our registration, encompass a wide range of activities:

  1. Information Technology, Transfer, and Solution Provider: Offering services to meet the fast-growing technological, computer, networking, and internet requirements. This includes packaging, manufacturing, antivirus development, software development, and website design and deployment.

  2. Computer Sales, Internet Services Providers, and General IT Services: Engaging in the sale of computers, providing internet services, and offering general IT services such as printing, publishing, and the sale of communication gadgets, stationeries, supplies, and more.

  3. Communication, Internet Services, and Information Management: Providing services in communication, internet services, graphics development, publishing, documentation, information management, and security networks.

  4. Farming and Agricultural Ventures: Engaging in various types of farming, including arable farming, animal husbandry, mixed farming, contract farming, and more. This also includes snail farming, sea food cultivation, and the cultivation of various crops.

  5. Livestock Management: Acquiring, establishing, working, and managing stock farms, including ranches, cattle farms, stud farms, and more.

  6. General Merchandise and Import/Export: Carrying on the business of general merchandise, import, export, trading, marketing, and sales of goods. This involves acting as a commission agent, manufacturer’s representative, and supplier.

In addition to our diverse range of services, we are committed to providing high-quality digital solutions to our clients and ensuring the satisfaction of their needs.

The mission of the business is twofold: to offer services and to educate the youth in its community, empowering them with skills and preparing them for service to humanity and the community at large. The vision is for Eiuogram to catalyze change and foster growth in various projects, including real estate development, Artificial Intelligence in service projects, agriculture farming (including aquaculture and greenhouse farms), solar (renewable energy), and ICT services.

EIUOGRAM & NOVOCAINE SERVICE (www.anelgo.com ) will forever hold a special place in my heart as my brainchild and project. I am grateful for the journey of transforming this company from a mere idea into a reality. I extend my thanks to our future partners and investors for their support.


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us and our endeavors. We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in forming partnerships with us.